How to Start a Successful Google PPC/CPC Campaign

How to Start a Successful Google PPC/CPC Campaign


How to Start a Successful Google PPC/CPC Campaign

For attracting targeted visitors to a web site A Pay per Click (PPC) campaign is a popular way to convert them into buyers. To make payments for the ads published online solely based on the qualifying clicks an advertiser needs. It meant payments need to make only when a visitor clicks on the advertisement to visit the web site / the landing page.

  1. Determine your goals. It is vital you know what it is before you start ,Whether your goal is to increase subscribers, sales or your brand awareness otherwise you will realize it too late that you could running your advertising in the wrong direction.
  1. Define a budget. As here as an advertiser you will have to make payments on the basis of number of clicks so define a budget for your PPC campaign.
  1. Make a list of keywords. For the success of any Pay per Click campaign is selection of the right keywords is the most important requirement. One can promote an online business successfully only with the appropriate keywords through a PPC campaign.
  1. Finalize keywords. With the help of different keywords tools such as Google Keywords tool Select targeted keywords, Word tracker etc to get your work done in a professional way. Also You can hire a specialist teams of PPC experts
  2. Bid on the right keywords. For your online business, products or services to get conversions & generate good return on investment start bidding on the keywords that properly described.
  1. For different ads use separate keywords if there are multiple keywords related to the PPC management project. This will ensure it for higher clicks and higher conversion rate as well.
  1. Create an attention-grabbing headline for your campaign. You won’t get many visitors if your ad is not appealing even if the keywords have good ranking.
  1. Create attractive ad copies. The ad copies must be attractive and appealing to encourage viewers to buy your product for successful PPC campaigns and In fact a compelling ad copy is must for any successful PPC campaign.
  1. Create landing pages. With good call to action features create unique landing page so that the visitor gets to see the service or product directly that you want to sell online.
  1. Never fool visitors. Always tell the truth about your business or services as far as PPC campaigns are concerned. It will lead to negative publicity for your site If visitors come to your site and don’t find the things as promised in the ad copy. You will also end up spending a lot of money which would not fetch you conversions.
  1. Optimize PPC campaign regularly. Priority must be given to higher conversion rate rather than higher click-through-rate (CTR) for any online business. So, along with the landing pages optimize the ad copies on a regular basis. This will ensure better and higher conversion rate.
  1. Use more PPC search engines. For better conversions and to ensure more visitors run the PPC ads on more than one PPC search engines. So more people will get to see your ad copies which in turn will get you more qualified clicks.
  1. Follow Rules. Always make sure that your campaign follows the search engine rules as it’s not going to work if it doesn’t follow the rules. so read the rules & know them and follow them.
  1. Hire professionals. Hire an experienced team of dedicated professionals & campaign managers for the success of a PPC campaign working in reputed PPC advertising companies to launch and maintain PPC campaigns effectively.
  1. Make a PPC management team. To the ad copies and for making required changes if necessary the PPC management team must be well trained so that they can critically analyze response. To evaluate the efficacy & success rate of your campaign there are various testing methods and tools which help you. The PPC management team should be well versed in all these methods & tools to make a success of your campaign.
  1. Monitor your campaign closely. You must ensure high ROI from it because it is you who is spending all the money on the campaign. On a daily basis monitor the success rate of the campaign closely and check the response to your ad copies periodically yourself to make sure your campaign is on target.


  • Always remember that never bid on expensive keywords even if they are popular keywords.
  • Do check regularly to make sure that all of your ads are active.
  • Always start your keyword bidding at the minimum amount which is offered by the Pay Per Click Company.
  • So always stay within your budget.
  • Remember, never pay for keywords that will not bring visitors to your site.
  • Make the changes when required & Monitor your campaign constantly.


The greater are the chances of running profitable CPC campaigns if lower the cost per click is. You need to take a closer look at your bid strategies, keywords and landing pages in order to achieve this.

For PPC success PPC campaigns is not enough but instead you need to focus on increasing your profit margin and this can be achieved by  making more sales without increasing your advertising costs or by decreasing your cpc costs &  thus advertising costs.

  1. Switch to manual bidding and lower your cost per click:-

With bids and costs the easiest way to get started is to let Google manage them. You set a maximum budget per day & Google does the rest. This works great in a lot of situations. You don’t have to monitor bids & make adjustments since it is also less time consuming since. You need to switch from automatic to manual bidding & follow these simple rules if your goal though is lowering the costs of a campaign.

Start with the low cost per click

From the results of your campaigns so far identify the average CPC cost & choose a default bid that is close to that number.

  • Find out which keywords work best and increase their bid – Find out which keywords generated the most sales by looking at your statistical reports. You will improve their ad position and generate more sales by increasing the bids for those keywords.
  1. Adjust bids based on location, devices, day and times

To lower your bids while you do the above exercise you should also review & find out:

  • Which devices perform better mobile, tables, desktops?
  • Which locations bring in more quality traffic country, city and area?
  • On Which is the worst  & best  ‘selling day’
  • On Which time of the day you make mostly  conversions

Remember that your goal is to lower CPC costs:-

For example:- For certain locations based on the above data you can increase your bids where your ads perform better or stop the ads running on particular dates or increase bids for the mobiles since they have a higher ROI than the desktop.

It’s all depends on your data & the possibilities are really endless. Do not be afraid to make changes & do not make too many chances at the same time always take it step-by-step & make sure that track everything, so that at the end of the day you know what works better.

  1. Review your keywords and add more long-tail keywords

The greater the number of people bidding on a particular keyword the higher is the bid Keywords have an associated cost. Your CPC will be high too If in your campaign you will only have high competition keywords.

What you should do is to create ad groups and revise your keywords with lower competition keywords. They have lower search volume they cost less and some of them perform good as well. Since you will be getting conversions at a lower cost & it sounds a bit tricky but spending some time in searching for low competition keywords can really make the difference.

  1. Add more negative keywords:-

Your weekly routine is to review your ‘search keywords’ & identify negative keywords because negative keywords are ‘wasting’ your budget on clicks which you do not want & they also make your campaigns less competitive and if you do not have a negative keywords list at the campaign or ad group level, it is almost certain that you are bidding on keywords that are not relevant to your business &  this is one of the reasons of having high CPC costs.

Make sure you understand how keyword matching options work to make your negative keyword list even more effective.

  1. Review your landing page:-

The relevancy of the landing page is one of the factors associatinf with CPC costs. Quality score and costs is been indirectly affects by the ad landing page. Do not always redirect users to the home page but rather to a page dedicated to the products or services advertised in the ad.

What the landing page is about, make sure that Google can easily understand. Make sure that you have page titles, description, headings and content that ‘matches’ your keywords and ads message.

For different products create different landing pages. You do not have to redirect all ad words users to the same landing page but create different landing pages for the products or services you are advertising.


The stated five ways outlined above are certainly not the only ones that can help you lower your costs. But there are other ways like reviewing your ad copy, enabling conversion tracking, using ad extensions correctly & many more that can help you increase your profit margins while at the same time increasing sales.

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