Google Ad Words Extensions To Help Improve Your Conversion Rate

Google Ad Words Extensions To Help Improve Your Conversion Rate


What are Google Ad Words Extensions?

Let’s say, “shoes online” to recognize them by initiating a Google search. You will see that some ads will take more space when compared to others. To display more useful information all thanks to the Google Ad Words Extensions that helps your ad & therefore the increased length of your ad.
In order to communicate maximum information the main idea here is to optimize your PPC campaign about the product or service to the viewers. Without the extensions you can, of course, opt for Google Ad Words but the ones with extensions have certain advantages & benefits over the other category.

Why Should You Use Google Ad Words Extensions?

We will talk here about few of the many advantages that Awards extensions have to offer:-

•    Improved Click through rates

Through rates firstly, Google Ad Words extensions lead to better click since the viewers are now exposed to more information pertaining to the product / service & also get options to get in touch with the concerned people immediately.

•    Visibility

Owing to more ad space and precise information the ads with extensions tend to be different from the others & garner more attention.

•    More clicks at the same cos

You get more valuable clicks from the viewers for no additional costs.
Improved user experience
To the viewers In general it has been seen that Google Ad Words with extensions tend to provide a better and smoother experience when it comes to navigating around the ads.

We will show you how you can use following five extensions.

  1.  Site links extensions
    2.    Location extensions
    3.    Call extensions
    4.    Review extensions
    5.    Callout extensions

Extn1: Site links extensions:-

To add additional important links to your existing standard ad which contains headline, URL and copy Site links extensions do allow you the same. This could be more relevant categories to your website for e-commerce business. You can show more services which you think people would be interested if you’re in the services industry.

Extension 2: Location Extensions

If you’re running local ads then location extensions are great. You can show your business address, phone number and a map marker as a business. This extension helps your ad to stand out. A searcher can visit them in person and it also shows that the advertiser is local.

Extension 3: Call Extensions

You can show your company with this extension or store phone number in your ad. To capture phone orders or enquiries this is a great feature, especially on mobile devices.

Extension 4: Review Extensions

An instant authority and trust is been provided by review extension. This is the example of Instapage ad that uses a review from G2 Crowd. you need to find the reviews about your company on third-party sites like G2 Crowd, Trust Pilot, Trust Radius, etc If you want to use review extensions. Since there’s no easy way to verify the validity of those claims so the reviews should come from a trusted third party website and not from your own website before using reviews from your own website make sure you read Google review extension guidelines
Extension 5: Callout Extensions
With callout extensions you can show short snippets of text and callout extensions are another great feature which allows you to add more text to your ad. To standout more this helps your ad. See the example below:

  •   48 months
    •    Stores nationwide
    •    No deposit
    •    7 day delivery

As callout extension any short phrase that can describes something special about your service can be added. these described extensions discussed in this article are free to use. Extension that fits your requirements, you can use all or any individual extension. Through rate of your ad each extension will increase the click and hopefully help you increase your website conversion rate.

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