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Shoetech Footwear ERP in Delhi


Footwear ERP in Delhi – Footwear Industry is one of the fast growing businesses in India. Shoetech Footwear ERP explicitly planned for little, medium and big size organizations. Shoetech Footwear ERP accompanies Multiple Modules including Sampling Module, Sales/Export Documentation Module, Planning and Production Module, Wages Module, Procurement and Inventory Module, Costing Module, Financial and Sales Accounting Module, Security Settings Module.

This Shoetech Footwear ERP gives an answer for all dimensions of industry. Every one of the Modules are planned and created with top to bottom working style of Footwear Industry. Shoetech ERP Modules are firmly incorporated with Seamless Features and Functionalities so any organization can oversee everyday difficulties and plan their assets adequately for improved proficiency. D’Selva Shoetech Footwear ERP can be deployed into premises on local and public IP and it can be accessed remotely too using browsers if needed.

Shoetech Footwear ERP is aimed to help the needs of small to big size businesses in a variety of industries. This business streamlines a company’s processes effectively. Dselva Shoetech Footwear ERP is designed to help the business grow from sales and customer relationships to financials & operations.

Shoetech ERP is a powerful yet cost-effective solution. Shoetech ERP for shoe industry brings together streamlining processes, all business critical functions & giving you a deeper insight into your business. ERP for this industry enables you to make better, faster decisions, dramatically improving business agility and making a real difference to your company’s profitability.

Footwear Companies Run Better with Shoetech Footwear ERP:-

With Shoetech ERP, your quick moving footwear organization can pick up the competitive edge it needs. With the help of Shoetech ERP, you can get the flexibility you need to boost responsiveness, better track inventory, improve order accuracy & it will give you all the required functionality you need.
Key Features of Dselva shoe ERP:

SAMPLING:- Footwear ERP in Delhi

Development Seasons
• Bill of Materials Category
• Bill of Materials Groups
• Product Category
• Product development types
• Customers
• Couriers
• Article no# Generations
• Pattern Sheet
• Requisition sheet
• Sample Components
• Sample Process
• Cutting
• Closing
• Lasting
• Packing
• Sample Invoice
• Product develop Status Report
• Purchase Requirement Reports
• Email Status of Pending confirmation
• Email alerts on custom rules

SALES:-ERP in Delhi

• Customers /Agents
• Currency
• Invoice Nature
• Order Category
• Domestic
• Export
• Order/Material Assortments
• Rate Premium Master
• Customer Brands
• Payment Heads
• Sales Order
• Domestic
• Export
• Order Confirmation
• Invoice
• Domestic
• Export
• Insurance
• Drawback List
• Pro-forma Invoice
• Master documents
• Insurance Report
• Sales Order Status reports
• FOBC Register
• Order Reports
• Order Comparison for Seasons
• Email to production department on new orders

Planning & Production Module:-Footwear ERP for Shoes

• Processes/Operations
• Constructions
• Production BOM
• Specification Sheet/Technical Sheet
• Packing Bill of Material
• Packing Instruction sheet
• Specification Sheet Options
• Confirm sheet
• Hold sheet
• Un-confirm sheet
• Cancel sheet
• Close sheet
• Article QC Instruction Sheet
• Production Pre/Post costing
• Barcode generation
• Cutting to Closing
• Lasting to Packing
• Work floors
• Workers
• Conveyors
• Contractors on floor/Supervisors
• Fabricators/Contractors
• Production Process
• Cutting
• Preparation
• Closing
• Lasting
• Packing
• Dispatch Challan
• Order sheet closing
• Factory Outlet
• WIP on Floor
• WIP of Factory
• Cost of WIP Floor/Process/Factory
• Daily/Weekly/Monthly Production reports
• Size wise Production status of Sheet
• Customer wise Production status
• Season wise Production Status
• Hourly Production status
• Delivery Planning
• Email alerts of daily production
• Email alert of Season production status

Wages Module:- Footwear ERP in Delhi

• Wages Operation
• Article wages operation
• Wages Slip and Cards
• Card Creation for Operation/work floors
• Wages Card Transfer for Operation/work floors
• Weekly worker payment
• Advance and Deduction
• Advance and Deduction ledger/payment
• Incentive
• Wages Ledger for worker
• Email alerts of wages activity
• Wages Rate change Charge

Procurement and Inventory Module:-Footwear ERP

• Material Category/ Groups
• Material Units
• Suppliers
• Materials
• Price List
• Material Stores/Sub-stores
• Purchase Order
• Material Requirement Planning(MRP)
• Stock Purchase
• Material Requirement as per Orders
• Good Incoming Quality Check
• Goods Receiving
• Material Issue note
• FLOOR as per Order
• Job-work
• Return
• Transfer
• Sample
• Requirement Pending as per Sales Order
• Gate Pass and Challans
• Returnable
• Non-Returnable
• Requirement Pending as per Technical Sheet
• Pending Material to Receive.
• Delayed material
• Supplier Performance
• Purchase/GRN Registers
• Daily reports for Material issue note
• Average Consumption of Stock materials
• Average Consumptions as per Paper Averages
• Stock Reports
• Stock cost Report
• Materials Ledgers
• Stock Ageing report
• Price List
• Price History
• Email alert to Vendor follow-up to vendors
• Email alert of delayed materials to purchasers

Costing Module:-Footwear ERP in Delhi

• Post production of Articles
• Post Production summary of Order
• Average Costing of Stock Materials
• Email alert on Average costing cross threshold


Financial & Sales Accounting Module:-Footwear ERP in Delhi

• Account Category/Groups
• Account Ledgers
• Cost centers
• Voucher
• Cash
• Journal
• Purchase
• Debit
• Credit
• Payment
• Sale
• Sale Punching from Invoice
• Freight vouchers as per Invoice
• Sale Realization
• Budgeting
• Sales Reports
• Statement of Accounts
• Trial Balance
• GST Features
• Hsn Master
• Sac Master
• Multiple Address In Customers
• GST No In Supplier And Customers
• Product Category Master With GST Rate
• Material Group With Hsn Codes
• Tax Invoice (Material /Manual /Sale)
• Reserse Charge Invoice(Purchase Invoice)
• State Codes As Per GST
• Debit Note
• Credit Note
• Delivery Note
• Bill Of Supply
• GST No On Each Document In Inventory And Sales
• Excel To Upload Third Party (Shared as per GST Regime) For Offline Tool
• GSTR 1 (Tax Invoice)
• Credit Note
• Debit Note
• Reverse Charges Invoice

Security Settings Module:-Footwear ERP for Shoes

• User Master
• Role-Right Permission
• Store Permission
• And Many More Master Screens

Dselva ERP BenefitsFootwear ERP in Delhi

• Standardize and accelerate producing forms
• Integrate client request data
• Integrate budgetary data
• Run on Single Solution
• Reduce Costs , Reduce stock, Increase Revenue
• Improve Customer Relationships, Improve Efficiency
• Access Local Support
• make Updates rapidly and effectively
• Information can available to a client anyplace on the planet
• Lower costs
• Uniform observing framework for client, providers, merchants and accomplices
• Managing sorted out and streamlined business process – buy, deals, Inventory, charging, generation, receipt and Exports.
• Effective Process Management
• Streamlined Workflow
• Reduced Overhead cost
• Multiple Reports
• Outstanding Inventory Management
• Better Finance & Account management
• Flexible and easy-to-use User Interface
• Full control on Real-Time product development, and vendor data
• Accessing day by day report without relying upon anybody.
• Ensuring that everybody in the association is capable and responsible.

Why D’selva Shoe ERP:-

All footwear Modules are emphatically arranged with Seamless Features and Functionalities.
We understand that every business is unquestionable in its exercises and has distinctive necessities with respect to business courses of action. Dselva Shoetech Footwear ERP will manage your complete cycle from purchasing raw to production to inventory to sale to invoice to account. Keeping all these things in mind Dselva InfoTech has made this Shoetech Footwear ERP and dealing into DELHI NCR.
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