How does a Footwear Product / Sampling Department works
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How does a Footwear Product / Sampling Department works


How does a Footwear Product / Sampling Department works

Sampling Department works – I am a footwear manufacturer and have a huge dealing with clients. So somewhere I get into a deep thought of how I must keep a tight hold on the client requirements which have come up from various client interactions, calls, mails, fares, etc because for an organization every opportunity is a chance to grow and so must be monitored carefully. The customer must get requested product on time; after all he is the King-Pin of the market.


If you are using an excel file to manage Sampling Department, for every new request you will have to draft an excel with certain requirements or modifications to be made. In excel the particular department will have to share the file with all the other related departments and so a lot of time will have to be devoted in managing and sharing data among the concerned departments.


Generally, for a requirement there is an equal effort required on the part of all Sampling Department and so everyone has to be in the picture while gathering requirements. So as stated above that for every new requirement we need to share the file in print/mail with the concerned department. This will be very consuming task for a person like me who is always engaged with clients to provide them the best. Hence in this digitized world we get lost somewhere in between papers. Through excel we can hardly plan things and also the data collected is not reliable enough and might be lost accidentally.


Software, if I say would act as a key to the problems encountered. With software you can control or utilize your resources both effectively and efficiently. Using a software will boycott all such problems encountered using excel file like there will hardly be a paper work included, one can easily access the software as per his/her convenience.. Software will manage all the activities and operations of Footwear industry.

It will have product development module which provides all the required functions to manage the department and development.

Some other benefits rendered are as follows:

  • Mapping between customer product name and factory product name
  • Type of Request, such as Sale, Confirmation, Fair, Test etc.
  • Target date of Delivery of Request.
  • Quantity of Article and Size information for Customer and in house reference.
  • Bill of the Product Material.
  • Instructions on product development.

Software even has the invoicing interface; you can create an invoice against the customer for the product purchased.


There may be ample of software’s in the market to provide an aid against the problems that a Footwear Production/ Sampling Department faces. But what about their functionalities? Please note through software I only mean something created by professionals’, who have good understanding of industry and business and also can understand the challenges and priorities!

Shoetech© ERP” an ERP Dedicated to Footwear Manufacturing Industry. It has many modules and developers in this domain are making efforts to improve the product in the best way possible. All the operations are managed and controlled by the ERP solution.
You can manage activities right from Production development to Order Delivery. Sample Request has the entire requirement for customer in one sheet. There can be N no. of Articles under one request with all the priorities and required information which can be handled at ease.


  1. Production development and planning.
  2. Sales Order and packing list/invoicing.
  3. Bill of Material
  4. Procurement and Stores.
  5. Planning
  6. Work in process
  7. Accounting

Activities right from Production development to Order Delivery can be managed without any hustle and bustle.
Thinking about accessibility while on tour?

No Worries !! Shoetech© ERP is written on web based technologies, and runs over cloud. All you need is any computing device with latest browser and you are done accessing it. The best part of it is that it is accessible on mobile phone as well, so cheers for that..!

Overall if you are a manufacturer and you do not have software to manage your system, don’t think much Just switch to Shoetech© ERP as it will be a great option to go for based on its “Accessibility, Flexibility and Managing Functionality”

Hope I was able to answer all the queries that might pop-up. For further queries please feel free to drop a comment.

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